Back Home and finding my way

Now we are back home in Finland.


We had an amazing holiday. Relaxing times, venturing new places and my favorite: facing challenges, overcoming them and learning something in the process. I’m sure there will be many more impressions coming up from our holidays. I will let them come as they come as I did during the holiday.


In general, my current process is mostly about finding my way. Deciding to go where it feel right instead of doing something because I think that is others also think is the right thing. Sometimes this leads me confused and I don’t know which way to go.


But whatever we choose will lead us somewhere. It will lead us the right way.


Whenever I feel lost or don’t know where to go. There’s something  there to lead me. Glimpse of something I know I should follow. What are your signs that you see? That tell you you’re doing the right thing? I have many things. Many times, it might be a commercial post somewhere saying answering my question. It might be a random person commenting something to me. We have all the answers here and now. We just need to hear and see them. Most of all trust them. Trust ourselves. Wander a little bit further.


And if we’re super lost. There is someone we can trust and lean on. Someone we can ask for help and opinion. I’m lucky to have these people around. My dearest boyfriend, mom and my close friends. I hope all of you have someone too. To help you keep going or giving you company when taking a brake. Or maybe just being there somewhere in the vicinity, giving you space and being ready to be closer again when needed.


Most important message I usually get from them that everything is ok. It’s ok not to know. I do have the answer when the time is right. I am loved. I am not alone. I am amazing. For this I’m very grateful ❤



Have an awesome weekend y’all!


with love,




We’ve been travelling for one week now. We still have two weeks left. So far, we’ve been to 

Torremolinos (good start for our holiday), 

El Chorro (an amazing paradise! I can recommend it to all), 

Ronda (beautiful, one night was enough to see the essentials for us) 

and now we are in Sevilla (fascinating city, I love the river + I never know where I am when we are walking around the city). 

Here we’ll be in total three nights. Then we will head to Torre del Mar for one week and the last place will be Nerja. So in the beginning we’ve been to quite many places and now we will start to slow down.

What to say about our Holiday? It’s been amazing. I’ve enjoyed it enourmously! ❤

What I’ve learned so far during our holiday?

Well, nothing comes to my mind, except changing perspectives. I have just enjoyed. And I think that’s the thing. We don’t always have to have some extraordinary stories, experiences, insights or anything else whatsoever. If we think we should, we just end up running after imaginary expectations. We end up making up deep insights, which we didn’t experience. We end up living an idea of a life instead of a real one. I don’t think we have to be so special. We are enough just being normal. It’s ok to be boring or to be bored. It’s ok to be tired and do nothing. It’s ok to be just ok.

My practise is to learn to rest in whatever happens. When things are nice or even better it’s easy but when they’re not, well.. It gets harder. Also my expectations bring some challenge to many situations.

I’m going around beautiful Spain with my super man. Time to time I’m feeling grateful and inspired and other times I’m not feeling particularly anything. I’m just being. Feeling ok. Feeling normal. Sometimes tired. No insights, super duper emotions or anything. Once I decide this is enough the ‘magic’ happens. I’m more present, grateful, happy and content. I’m resting more in the enoughness. I’m resting more here, now.

I can travel all around Spain chasing every possible experience, place or story I’ve heard of but still it won’t be enough. Not if I don’t stop time to time. Stop and realize whatever has happened so far is more than enough. We can feel or not feel enoughness whether we are at home or travelling around the world. If we don’t feel THIS is enough we won’t feel it anywhere with anything or anyone. But if we do, we can feel it anywhere with anything. It doesn’t mean whatever these is now in our life, will be all we get. Moreover, when we are grateful and feel content even more greatness will fall straight into our laps.

Changing perspectives

Our three week holiday in Spain started on Friday. I had an idea how it would start. We would have our flight in the evening. I would have a day off. I would paint my nails, straighten my hair, take a long shower, do my bikini wax, write on my blog (how relaxed and joyfull it was to go on a holiday) and so on. Then we would leisurely go to the airport and fly to Malaga.

Guess, did it go that way? Not quite.

I had a nice day. I slept long. I shortened one of my dresses ready for the trip. Meditated. When I was coming home I saw that the door to our storages was slightly open. I felt something was wrong. I went to our storage and my feeling was right. Someone had broken into our storage. They had used a metal saw to break our lock. 

I called my boyfriend and my mom. Told one of our neighbours what had happened and to check their storage. My boyfriend called the steward and insurance company. We also wrote a police report through internet. I didn’t paint my nails, straighten my hair, wax, take a long shower or write my blog.

What was taken from our storage was two valuable speakers, my rucksack with sleeping bag, mattress and tent, and also a bicycle (not a good one). That’s at least what we noticed before we had to leave. The good side on everything was that no one was hurt and I noticed it early enough. We had the time to sort everything necessary out before we had to leave.

Now we are in Spain and starting our amazing holiday. This burglary changed the perspective. Going on a holiday wasn’t the same as going on an any holiday. These situations force us out from our “normal life”, from our comfort zone. They’re something that shake us awake. They push us to let go of the unnecessary. Whatever that might be.

What I got from what we lost

Moreover, in these situations space is giving us information. Maybe we should change something. Maybe we should give space to something new. Maybe we should let go. And maybe because of the event we get rid of something unnecessary. We let go. We change. Something can arrive. Something can be transformed.

This is how I experienced it.

Someone broke into our storage. So maybe it’s time to move on. We are anyway planning to move to another part of the town at the end of this year/beginning of next year. Now it seems it could be before. Maybe we shouldn’t settle for our current life for too long. Instead, there’s something even better waiting for us so we should just go for it. 

My rucksack was stolen. This was the rucksack I’ve been carrying around europe and other parts of the world for a few years already. I carried it as a person I was then. Now I have changed. I’m not totally different but I’m not the same either. I feel that some extra burden that I shouldn’t carry with me anymore was taken away with the rucksack. Some parts of myself that I have identified with for all these travels should be now let go. Those parts that are putting me down, making myself insecure or feel limited. 

Most of all, this burglary forced me to change perspective. And it seems this whole trip is about changing perspective. Things aren’t great because they go as we have expected them to go. They are great because they can happen just as they do.

We can find bad sides or aspects in anything we want. We can also find some good in the bad, which is obviously harder. All of it is a matter of habit. When we have a habit of finding faults, we will find it even in a paradise. There will never be real contentment, real richness or real wealth. But when we have a habit of finding good even in the bad, the bad won’t be that bad and good will be even better.

Changing perspectives can be crusial to our wellbeing. For me it’s a constant work in process. It’s not an easy ride. But it is and will be worth it. And yeah, sometimes I would rather just be cranky, cry and complain. I might even do that for a while for no real reason. What can I or anyone else gain from it? Life isn’t always rainbows, sparkles, sunshine and hopping up and down. It can be stable. We can be stable.

By changing perspectives we can learn to be more stable in whatever happens. For me that is true wellbeing, contentment and happiness. Simply, stable like a rock. Radiating it’s power and joy – Our power and joy.

How cool would that be? For sure I will put some effort to it!

Embrace the wander

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


You might not know what will come if you decide to wander from the ready made path. But surely you will find something beyond imagination. Something beautiful. You don’t always need to know the outcome or the destination or how things will be. You can rest in the wander and embrace it. You can let the wander -a.k.a life- carry you. It surely will carry you.

IMG_4328 (1)

When you feel like it, you can get back on the path that others are also using. Until you decide to wander again.

IMG_4334 (1)

This was a beautiful day in Kalajoki. I could feel the autumn wind on my skin. My loved one was there to share this astonishing day with me. When I stopped to take a picture he continued walking. This happens often. One of the best things then is his secure back that I can capture in the pictures ❤


Have an amazing week and enjoy the small things! 🙂



Take a moment

I wish I had the time to just be. Just one more hour, two more hours of being idle. Listen to music. Write down my thoughts. Stretch. Move. Take a walk. Just a little bit more time to do what seems like nothing but means the whole world to me.

Why do we need to hurry? Someone said so. Everybody does so.


Now I have my one more hour before going to work. 59 minutes to be exact. I feel I would need many more hours to actually finish all the things I have started. Finnish whatever is possible. Leave only one thing unfinished. Life.

Now I will cherish this less than an hour I have for myself. Nurture it. Take good care of it. Drink my coffee. Be thankfull for this gift called life. Be thankfull for all the experiences: wonderful and hard ones. Be thankfull for my hero, my boyfriend. Who’s made my life something I could’ve never imagined of. Be thankfull for my friends who’ve always been there for me. Be thankfull for my super Mom, who never let me down. I can also be thankfull for myself. I made it this far. I will make it even further. Life will give so much more. And I will give even more back. Now I can take a breath.

Strangely these minutes of being thankfull seem a lot longer than the ones when I’m running after what’s missing.

Come and join me. Take a break. Take some time for yourself. See what you have already accomplished. What you have been given. Pat yourself on your shoulder. Thank yourself. Take a sip of coffee (or tee or whatever you prefer). Let all those feelings inside you flow through. Let them go. Thank them for their company. Feel the space. Let go more. Breath in. Breath out.


You’ve done enough.

You are enough.

Let everything else go. Continue your life with your whole awesomeness.

Have an amazing day! 🙂


With love,


Yes, it’s possible

We decide. We create our life.


That’s how it is . But we don’t always feel that way. Most often we feel we aren’t in charge. We feel that life happens to us not that we make life happen. We are born, go to school, get an education we think is safe/secure/ we’re supposed to get, work, pay taxes and die. Probably something nice will also happen. Sound familiar? For me it does.

What happened to me creating my life?

I heard it. Understood it but somehow didn’t. Then forgot it.Got busy living the life I should live. Luckily, it came knocking on my door. It appeared as slogans, blog posts, commercials and whatever possible. Space provides. It didn’t let me forget that life can be so much more. We get these signs of incredible life and opportunities all the time. Sometimes we’re open to it. Sometimes not. Most often we’re busy being busy. We’re not looking around. Look at it. Life is amazing. Sometimes it can be rough and tough, but it still is meaningful.


For the last month I’ve been hearing and reading the same message again and again. You decide. You decide how you see the world and experience the experiences. You decide what will happen. You create your world.

This information is very empowering. Why wouldn’t it be? We are in charge of us and our lives. Juha Siitonen explains empowerment as ”an inherently human and individual process. It is a personal and social process, in which the inner power is nontransferable to another…Empowerment arises out of and gives rise to human well-being…Empowerment is not a permanent state…”

We have to find the inner strength from ourselves. And even if we are empowered we have to nurture that power within and take good care of it. We can find it by doing what feels right. Not going against ourselves all the time. Taking a break. Stop being busy for a while. Find it in creativity. Do what we love and are inspired of. Believe that whatever there is more to be can be found within us. As if the treasure was always buried under our house. We just didn’t know where to look.

You and I have all the richness inside us. All we have to do is look within. Dig deep. Trust in our power and qualities. Eventually, it will flow out and enrich lives of ourselves and others.



Lets give it a try. What do you think?


Lets decide. Yes it’s possible.



Lets get real


I limit myself a lot. Most of the times it’s hard to notice. Surely I’m not the only one. These limitations are most often our beliefs of who we are, who we should be and who we shouldn’t be. These limiting beliefs are not easy to notice. Some of them are part of who we experience to be and what we identify with. They are our reality.

For example, I’m a buddhist. Since I identify myself as a buddhist I have some dos and don’ts to make my life easier (hah). One concept is that buddhists don’t write a blog. At least I don’t. I’m not wise or experienced so I should keep quiet. Definitely, I shouldn’t write a blog even if I wanted to. I was afraid. What if I make a mistake? What if I screw up? What will others think? What if..? I didn’t want to step out of my comfort zone.


When I started this blog, my masterplan was that I would keep me being a buddhist a secret. But wait a minute. Hiding major part of my life, which is buddhism, is deceiving. My aim is to live intentionally and authentically. Buddhism is what I identify with most. It has a major role in how I think and perceive the world. There’s no way I should hide that.

I decided to get real. Be real. I’m a buddhist and I write a blog.

All of us deserve to be real. That’s how we find our inner qualities and power. Being real means being true to ourselves. Being honest. Digging deep and finding the treasure that’s already within. All of us are worth the love and belonging just as we are. Today is the day to get real at least a bit. Belief by belief. We can become the best version that we are and always have been. As Ds. Esa Saarinen puts it There is more to us than meets the eye, more that is good” In you, me and everyone else.

Lets be real, with love.